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Active Member of Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Querétaro, A. C.


1.- Master’s Degree in Taxation. Division of Postgraduate Studies of the School of Accounting and Administration of the UAQ [Autonomous University of Querétaro].
2.- Bachelor’s Degree in Public Accounting. The UAQ [Autonomous University of Querétaro] School of Accounting and Administration. Degree granted by accreditation of postgraduate studies. August 1994 – December 1998.
3.- Certified Public Accountant # 10283
4.- AGAFF [General Tax Audit Administration] Registration # 16826
5.- Languages: English



1. Pérez Olvera Enríquez Asociados, S.C. Firm
Audit Manager, responsible for the preparation and handling of the necessary documentation to review within the accounting area different entries, such as assets, liabilities, and equity.
1.2. Responsible for the review and determination of taxes payable by the taxpayer and withheld from third parties.
1.3. Responsible for closing the audit and preparing documents and magnetic devices for delivery to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.
1.4. Accounting and Tax Consulting.

2. Centro de Estudios Fiscales Administrativos y Contables, S.C.
Collaboration in the preparation and development of tax refresher training courses.