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We offer the Transfer Pricing service to ensure proper compliance with tax obligations through the following points:

  • Conducting transfer pricing studies.
  • Updating of transfer pricing studies.
  • Arm’s length in case you want to perform a study with the company’s resources.
  • Advice and review of the methodology used in transfer pricing studies.
  • Analysis of your company’s studies, diagnosing possible problems and solutions.


In the Transfer Pricing Studies, we provide services in the following sectors:

In-bond Manufacturing Sector, Electronics (Manufacturing and Distribution), Food and Beverages (Manufacturing and Distribution), Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment (Manufacturing and Distribution), Plastics (Manufacturing and Distribution), Software (Design and Distribution), Cosmetics (Manufacturing and Distribution), Automotive Industry (Manufacturing and Distribution), Construction, Banking, Chemicals (Manufacturing and Distribution), Sports Events and Gaming, Logistics (Courier, Freight, and Port Services), Textiles and Apparel (Manufacturing and Distribution), Publishing (Manufacturing and Distribution), Hotels, Livestock and Agriculture, Telemarketing, Manufacture, Logistics, Animal Feed, Petroleum, Telecommunications, Radio and Television