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Welcome to Pérez Olvera Enríquez Asociados S.C.

We are an interdisciplinary firm of professionals focused on providing services in the areas of Public Accounting.

Our firm is integrated by professionals qualified to provide consulting, auditing, tax, accounting, legal services, as well as business advisory services.

Poe Consultores has a wide network of offices throughout the country and abroad, thanks to its membership in MGI Worldwide, an independent association of certified public accountants and accounting firms that offer their clients professional accounting, auditing, tax, and a wide range of consulting services. Our unique markets organization is integrated by 408 offices in 101 countries worldwide. Each member relies on the services and resources of other members of our Association in order to provide their clients with the best solutions to manage their businesses. Visit our website and find out more about the assistance we provide to our members:


Our strengths are summarized in the content of our quality policy, which is expressed through our mission, vision, and values.